Zoya: Plugged In is a collaboration project that hopes to raise awareness through electronic music for the need for electricity to provide for a better educational environment in rural India.


Zoya: Plugged In will be exclusively available here for a minimum of $15 USD

The electronic remix compilation features 9 producers who have remixed a track from folk-fusion songstress, Zoya's, albums The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room & Letters To Toska.

All the proceeds from this album will go to provide electricity, fans, lights and other infrastructure like boards and furniture to various schools in Udaipur, India.

We've estimated it be around $200 per room to install electricity and purchase fans and lights.

Our minimum goal is to raise $2,000 to help more than 10 classrooms have light. 

Featuring Remixes By  
Twistyknobs, Jade Cicada, Asteroids & Earthquakes, NuMind, The Crateful Head, Smigonaut, Icaro, He Will Add, & CliffLight