The Girl Who Album Cover.jpeg

The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room

by Zoya

"Zoya is a delicate and mellow artist who produces some of the most gorgeous vocals you will ever hear. There’s a jazzy tinge to each of her tracks yet she would would really be at home in the land of acoustics, each track on her new album ‘The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room’ is laid bare amongst a collection of string and wind instruments, open for every listener to completely lose themselves in as they peel back each layer in every melody and lyric." - Mytacism Music

"Eclectic Goddess, Zoya, releases a stunning collection of songs with her new record "The Girl Who UsedTo Live In My Room," which was released today.Her music is uplifting yet deep which portrays an indeniable sense of musicianship. Zoya's voice is heaven-sent on the new collection of songs, which is inviting to those who may not have heard her music before. Zoya's new record is one that will certainly appeal to the masses, no matter what your genre of choice is." - Buzznet